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Why Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is so popular?

Galaxy Note 9 is a pricey flagship smart phone by Samsung. This is a phone, not everyone can afford and not everywhere need it. It has some great advance features that make Note 9 similar to having a laptop in your pocket with storage up to 1TB. The unveiling event organized in August at Brooklyn was huge. Tech experts and enthusiasts welcome Bluetooth enabled S-Pen and other features whole heartedly, despite of its $900+ price tag. But why Galaxy Note 9 is such a big deal?

There is nothing like Galaxy Note 9’s stylus right now in the market. Once users get used of using stylus, they find it really hard to switch to any other phone. S-Pen in Note 9 is Bluetooth enabled and detachable. That means, you can use it like a remote control for taking pictures, browsing songs or navigating slides in power point presentation even from a distance of 30m. If you fall Note 9 accidently, and break S-Pen (unfortunately, its fragile), you can replace it. It is not hard to use stylus even if you are new user because the dot image appears just below the stylus tip on the phone that help you where to tip on the screen.

Note 9 has two configurations – 128GB model with 6GB RAM and 512GB model with 8GB RAM which is likely to have double storage than iPhoneX. Note 9 has extendable storage option with microSD card that will cost you extra but with that you can even have storage up to 1TB. Note 9 has a huge display screen up to 6.4 inches which is an inch bigger than Note 8. The change isn’t big but it makes a difference when playing your favorite game or watching movie. It has 2960 x 1440 resolution with 551 ppi and it is a super AMOLED Quad HD+ model. With a huge display, comes with the need of a larger battery. Now it is using 4,000mAh compare to its predecessor 3,300mAh battery.

Some may even argue with you that Note 9 has better camera than iPhone. Galaxy Note 9 is using AI to optimize the picture final result which is great even in not so good lighting conditions. We have done a complete review of Camera of Note 9. You can read more about it here.

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