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Why Galaxy Note 9 is not easy to repair

As advertised, Galaxy Note 9 is here, at time, with all its glory and shine. Huge screen, Bluetooth enabled S-Pen and much larger battery life than its predecessor are impressive updates. Galaxy Note 9 seem durable and may stay in market for a while but do we want a phone that cost around $1000 and hard to repair. Guys at fixit, did post some insight on sticky secret this handset has.

Some initial notes on Galaxy Note 9

It has edge-to-edge 6.4 super AMOLED display with 2960 x 1440 resolution, powered by Qualcomm octa-core snapdrage 845 processor paird with 6 GB RAM, 128GB internal storage with additional 512 GB microSD expansion. Bluetooth enabled S-Pen, IP68 dust and water resistance rating. The handset has better battery life due to 4,000 mAh battery. Design of Note 9 isn’t different to the Note 8 but its slighter wider and shorter than the Note 8, with an extra 0.1 inch of display – and it’s a hair thicker at 8.8mm vs. 8.6mm.

The surprise about battery

We know its 4,000mAh. What you may not like is its placement. Its weight is 54.7 g, dimensions are 87.7 mm x 41.5 mm x 6 mm. The battery is glued down in a sticky well. This will complicate any attempt to replace the battery. The glue not only holds in the battery but also attaches the back glass panel to the chassis, which make any attempt to repair risky one.

The guys at fixit says:

The battery’s still glued down in a miserable sticky well—but the Note8 didn’t blow up so the design is justified, eh Samsung? The Note9 battery weighs in at a ludicrous 15.4 Wh, eschewing the cautious 12.71 Wh Note8 battery, and eclipsing both the infamous Note7 (13.48 Wh) and the iPhone X (a “mere” 10.35 Wh).

That’s not the case with the Galaxy Note 9. It’s simply not designed for easy repairs:

To service any component you must first painstakingly un-glue (and later re-glue) the glass rear panel.All-too-common display repairs require replacing the entire chassis or tediously separating the gluey cracked glass.


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