Strolling around with your Galaxy S21 Ultra in your pocket might be depleting its battery

The Galaxy S21 Ultra is by all accounts experiencing a somewhat odd bug that has baffled proprietors in the course of the most recent couple of months. As per various reports from Galaxy S21 Ultra proprietors, the camera application is causing an unusual measure of battery utilization when the phone is inactive. Unusually, this happens for the most part when they’re strolling around with the phone in their pocket, evidently on the grounds that the camera application is awakening the gadget when movement is recognized.

The battery channel can be gentle to very extreme contingent upon the gadget, with at any rate one client announcing a channel of 21% throughout seven hours and only 15 minutes of screen on schedule. More awful yet, the best way to discover that there’s something off-putting going on is by utilizing progressed battery checking applications (like this one). Android’s normal battery details screen doesn’t show anything wrong.

Truth be told, that may be the motivation behind why Samsung has dismissed this as a non-issue to the individuals who reached out to the organization through its help channels and through the Samsung Members application. However, the issue appears to be not kidding enough passing by the quantity of protests that have accumulated on different sites in the course of the most recent few months, notwithstanding Samsung’s true position.

It’s likewise worth referencing that the Galaxy S21 Ultra is the lone gadget influenced. Galaxy Note 20 Ultra proprietors have seen the camera awakening the phone likewise however have not seen it influencing battery life. Sadly, there’s no fix for Galaxy S21 Ultra proprietors right now regardless of all the product refreshes Samsung has delivered for the S21 arrangement since February.

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