Galaxy Note 9

Settings you should change in Galaxy Note 9

Galaxy Note 9’s default settings are cool but you can get much more with some changes in terms of performance, look n feel and battery life. Let’s find out some of these settings to optimize your Note 9.

Store photos and videos on SD Card

Note 9 let you decide whether you want to store your images on regular storage attached or on SD card for easy transfer from your device to another device later. Open the Camera. Tap on the settings gear. Select ‘storage location’ from the menu. Select ‘Device storage or SD card’. This will let u decide where you want to store your photos and videos.

Utilize camera quick launch

Apart from the camera app, almost every smart phone has a button or way to launch camera. Samsung devices have used a double-press of the power button to launch camera without going into the camera app. To utilize the quick launch feature, you have to enable this feature from settings panel. To use it, go to camera app > Settings Gear > scroll down to Quick launch > Enable this option.

Resolution Settings

The Note 9 has super AMLOED display but it drained battery life really fast if set at full capacity. You can choose the happy medium which is Full HD+ 2,200 x 1080 resolution. It won’t drain too much battery and you can still enjoy high resolution on a big screen. You can customize display settings by going into settings > display > screen resolution.

Change the current settings

By default Samsung’s navigation buttons are Recent, Home and Back (from Left to Right). If you are only Samsung user, it may not bother you, but if you have used other smart phones, you may find it uncomfortable to use. Don’t worry. You can change the default navigation buttons on Note 9. Simply Go to Settings > Display > Navigation Bar > Button Layout and select the layout you want to choose for your navigation

Avoid accidental touches

Accidental touches can make calls, send gibberish text or sending text message to someone you didn’t intend as you place your phone in a pocket or wallet. Go to settings > Display > Block Accidental Touches to enable the screen lock. It will detect dark place like a pocket or bag via various sensors and block any accidental touches.

Bonus Tip:

Record Fortnite on your Note 9

With Galaxy Note 9 you don’t need any app if you want to record and share your epic journey through the battle. Samsung has built a clever screen recording tool right into its software to record fortnite or any game you play. To record, you have to go to Settings > Advanced > Games > Game Launcher. Once the game opens, swipe up from the bottom of the screen to reveal the game navigation. Tap on the “Game Tools Settings” than tap “Record Videos”. Scroll down to the Audio Source and select Game. Select Video Quality to adjust the resolution to 1080 for optimal experience and 14 Mbps for the bit rate.

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