Samsung tops smartphone market in Chile in Q1 2021, on account of Galaxy A series

Samsung, the world’s greatest smartphone brand, has figured out how to maintain its main situation in Chile’s smartphone market also. The organization is a long ways in front of its adversaries with regards to piece of the pie. Notwithstanding, the most recent numbers uncover that rival Chinese brands are getting up to speed quick, and Samsung should watch out.

As indicated by the most recent numbers from statistical surveying firm Strategy Analytics, Samsung had an astounding 42.1% portion of the smartphone market in Chile during Q1 2021. The South Korean firm dispatched 1.2 million smartphones during the quarter, accomplishing a 63% year-over-year development. It is being accounted for that Samsung’s great piece of the pie numbers in Chile are helped by the uncontrollably well known Galaxy A series.

Woody Oh, Director at Strategy Analytics, added, “We gauge Samsung developed its Chile smartphone shipments a solid 63% YoY from 0.8 million in Q1 2020 to a record 1.2 million during Q1 2021. Samsung’s smartphone portion of the overall industry in Chile remains moderately stable for the present, around the 42% level. Samsung has a broad retail presence in Chile and its midrange A-series models are fiercely mainstream.” Over 2.9 million smartphones were delivered in Chile during the principal quarter of this current year.

Lenovo (and Motorola) and Xiaomi have developed at a hazardous speed, accomplishing 150% and 1,025% development rates, separately. Lenovo-Motorola’s portion of the overall industry expanded from 11.8% in Q1 2020 to 17.2% in Q1 2021. The two organizations transported 0.5 million smartphones in the last quarter. Xiaomi delivered 0.5 million smartphones too, however it developed from nothing in Q1 2020 to a portion of the overall industry of 15.5% in Q1 2021.

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