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Samsung rolled out Android 10 with One UI 2.0 for Samsung Galaxy S10+

The update isn’t available for all countries yet, but it seems that Samsung is launching the latest update for OS ahead of its schedule. Samsung has a reputation of being in the last when it comes to updating their slow devices, and usually, the users have to wait for months before the latest OS reach their devices. However, this year, Samsung is reconsidering its update plans. The tough competition between smartphone manufactures could be a prime reason for this reason. Anyway, whatever the reason is, Samsung fans are happy.

Only after five weeks after Android 10 was officially released, Samsung decided to roll out the update for its premium smartphone – Galaxy S10+. Rolling under the G975FXXU3ZSJ6 model number and with the October 1 security patch level in tow, the software update boasts all major Android 10 features that will make it to the final release to the Galaxy S10 series.

With the new update, there are many amazing features that came alive. But at the front interface, there isn’t much difference. You can’t tell the striking difference between Android 10 with One UI 2.0 and Android 9 with One UI 1.1 just by looking at the interface. We also don’t expect the redesign of the interface only after a year of first interface release.

We got what we expected: an interface that looks similar to the previous one but had underlying changes like full-screen gestures which lets you find tune the back gesture when you are using a large case. Enhanced one-hand mode and biometrics. There are new media and devices, battery graphs, and screen recording with selfie recording feature. Enhanced Samsung Internet, Contacts, Calendar, Reminder, My Files, Calculator.

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