Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Samsung Note 9 is 5G. Should you have it now or wait for upgrades?

Finally, Galaxy Note 9 is here. Samsung introduced its Galaxy Note 9 in an unveiled event on Thursday. The smart phone has come with all new design and hardware attractions. But the price tag is $1,000. So the question is: To buy or not to buy Galaxy Note 9. Samsung’s fans are always looking for best of the best in technology. According to Suzanne De Silva, director of product marketing for its US business, Note customers are “looking for the best of the best when it comes to technology”. To be fair, this seems a perfect example of first world problem. We all want best, but should we spend $1,000 on 5G or wait for the massive upgrades coming hopefully early in next year.

The 5G Hype

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 may seem to have mega upgrades, but are they good enough to compete with upgrades in Galaxy S10 or Note 10 in next year. The company may also launch much hyped foldable Galaxy.

The next-generation wireless technology has the potential to revolutionized speed and responsiveness of mobile phones. Perhaps, 5G connectivity is the most important feature of Note 9 after S-Pen that could make its loyal users to upgrade their phones. Life span of a Note series smart phones is really good. Lots of users keep using their phones for years but if you don’t choose to upgrade now it, you may miss the latest 5G ride. Everyone knows what 5G means. It means a massive upgrade in terms of performance and internet experience. So who could afford to miss that?

The only purchasing factor that may cause some hesitation among the Note users, is its price. It’s a huge sum to pay for upgrades you may have next year as well. Many of the core internals can be found in less expensive Samsung Galaxy S9. The battery capacity has increased up to 21% and camera system has improved. It can sense and optimize itself for different kind of scenery. So should you wait till next year, or should u buy Galaxy Note 9?

Samsung doesn’t seem to consider price an issue

“The most Note-y of the Note users are upgrading every year,” Drew Blackard, senior director of marketing for Samsung, said at the sideline of Thursday’s launch event. He also mentioned that the company introduced a trade-in program for Note users last year to make it easier to upgrade annually.

According to Qualcomm President Cristiano Amon, the first smart phones with 5G will be available in second quarter of next year. Verizon currently averages slightly more than 20 megabits — yes megabits — per second. With a 5G modem, it could get speeds of 5 gigabits a second. With a speed like this, your movie download or uploading images may seem lightning fast but these estimates will only work if you are actually in the 5G area, which isn’t a guarantee. You may buy Note 9 for $1,000 but if you are not in area where carrier provides 5G, you would be still in loss.

Embedding the fingerprint sensor under the display is a nice feature, but is it worth that price or are we getting over-conscious. The foldable phone could be just a myth (Samsung disagree though).

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