Note 9 Gear, Virtual Reality Gear

Samsung missed VR on its Note 9 Event

Samsung Note 9 event had everything: Note 9, Bixby smart speakers, Galaxy Smartwatch, Spotify partnership, Fortnite exclusives. Samsung has been pushing these technologies for years but it didn’t mention one technology – VR.

Virtual Reality

Few people suggest that VR is dead. It’s easy to think like that. Slumping sales and lack of A-list software. Early adopters are expensive and out of reach of a normal consumer. Affordable devise such as Oculus Go and Google’s DayDream view could bring VR back to life, freeing VR from PCs and consoles. This move may bring down the price.

Samsung’s Gear VR headset, a $100 device that transform smartphone into VR machine was the real VR deal. It’s a great device for exploring VR worlds, and lets you leverage the powerful processor and OLED display on your phone in a new way. However Note 9 with its slightly larger dimensions do work with existing Gear VR headset. But you need an adapter to experience VR using Note 9.

A new Gear VR

VR reporters at stated that Samsung has filed trademarks for something called “perfect reality”. This may refer to a new VR headset from Samsung. The company has already shown prototypes of a standalone VR concept going back to last year. Samsung could also evolve a new piece of hardware to go along with the Samsung’s powerful processors, working as phone accessory. In-headset positional tracking, at the least, which the Lenovo Mirage Solo has. Oculus Go, while beautifully designed, has limited tracking and no room-tracking awareness. The Qualcomm can achieve much better things in VR than this year’s standalone VR headsets are doing.  Qualcomm is already partnered with Samsung for providing its optical sensors for finger print scanners. We can hope that together, they might come up with something new and exciting for VR users.

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