Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 beats Apple Watch with just 1 feature

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is a killer when it comes to wearable smart gadgets. It has introduced a few Smartwatches over time and with all that experience, Samsung has improved its Tizen software so much that it beats even Apple watch. It has not only introduced some familiar features like fall detection and built-in electrocardiogram test but did include one more key feature that is still missing from the Apple Watch.

The new Galaxy watch 3 can measure oxygen levels in your blood. It is rumored that Apple might also include the same feature in the next model, but that will for Apple watch series 6, and not the earlier models. But why this feature is so important? Well, as we all know about the uncertain situation due to Covid-19 that continues to worry us. Blood oxygen level indicates the oxygenation levels that need to between 95 and 100 for a healthy person. In patients who tested positive for coronavirus needs to check their oxygen level consistently. This helps them to see if they need any emergency medical help or not.

The feature on the Galaxy Watch 3 can achieve the same result as oximeter with accuracy. The method to use the watch is quite straight forward. Tap the home button on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 on the lower right edge and choose Samsung Health. Then use the rotating bezels to reach the blood oxygen tab. Tap this and you are provided with your oxygen level in your blood. Touch the button measure and within seconds, you will get your results. Samsung has also provided a useful help screen with detail on how to hold your wrist to see the accurate results. It may take a few turns till you master it. Watch 3 can also measure your stress button and sleep tracking.

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