Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will be available in snowy white color

It is November, and everyone seems to enjoy the snowy weather. Which could be more appropriate month to release Galaxy Note 9 in snowy white color than November itself. May be the developers at Samsung wanted design to relate with something like weather or Christmas. Who knows? All we know that color leak seem exciting and everyone seems to wait till the phone release on November 23.

Evan Blass recently uploaded an image of Galaxy Note 9 on his twitter account and suggested that this image could be photoshoped. Although sources from china claim that Samsung is indeed releasing white Galaxy Note 9 in Taiwan. The device will have complete white body at the back side whereas the front will remain black as usual. This would be 6th official color of Samsung Galaxy Note 9 after they have released device in Metallic Copper, Lavender Purple, Ocean Blue, Mid night Black and Cloud Sliver.

In Taiwan, Galaxy Note 9 will be available for around $1000 for the 128GB variant. The 512GB variant is little pricey with a price tag of $1250. Korean manufacturers are offering free 512GB microSD card along with the device that will further add up the storage to 1TB. The good news is, you don’t have to pay any extra dollars to buy the phone in white color

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