Samsung Galaxy Note 20 might be two times scratch resistant than any other phone

Smartphone design has gone through some major advancements throughout these years. Plastic was a common choice for back covers a few years ago and still used in many smartphones but metal and glass covers are more popular now, especially for premium smartphones.  The high-end premium phones are using glass for the front and back covers. It is important that this glass is durable, which is where Corning’s Gorilla glass comes in handy.

Corning has released a number of versions of Gorilla Glass, and now the world’s best glass manufacturing company corning is ready to release the next generation of Gorilla Glass version 7. The reports suggest that the Glass would be rebranded and called Gorilla glass Victus instead of Gorilla Glass 7, although the numbered version can still be released in parallel as an alternative solution. The latest version of mobile phones are using is Gorilla Glass 6 that was launched almost two years ago in 2018. It is expected that the Galaxy Note 20 series or at least the Galaxy Note 20 ultra might be using the new technology.

According to the company’s official statement, the glass claims double the scratch resistance of GG6 and offers 2-meter drop protection. The current glass model scratches between 2 to 4 Newtons whereas the upcoming version could resist against scratches up to 7 to 10 Newtons. Gorilla 6 can survive a fall from 1.6-meter that would be extended to 2-meters now. That may seem not a huge improvement but we are still going towards a better future for Glass technology and Samsung would be the first company to use Gorilla 7 for its Galaxy Note 20 series smartphones. Other manufacturers may follow this technology later this year and next year.

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