Leaked Galaxy Note 20 Ultra video shows off some new features

As we are approaching the Samsung unpacked event on August 5, we are getting more leaks about its design and specs. And now we have a leaked video that showcases the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. The hands-on video explores the specs and design features in more depth. But the final specs for the Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Note 20 Ultra will be revealed on the unpacked event. A short but hands-on video of the Galaxy Note 20 ultra has been leaked today. It highlights some of the new camera specs that could be the main selling point for the device as well.

Earlier reports have already suggested that the Galaxy Note 20 ultra will feature the periscope camera system with 100x space zoom but this feature is dedicated to the Note 20 Ultra model alone and the Galaxy Note 20 won’t have it. Samsung is believed to make some meaningful improvements to the camera which would eliminate many deficiencies. Video shows that the maximum zoom level was reportedly being capped a 50x, Note 20 ultra will support 5x optical and up to 50x space zoom in 10x, 20x, and 50x numbers. As per other leaks, the Pro video mode allows users to change resolution and will support video recording in an ultra-wide 21:9 aspect ratio in up to 8k resolution.

The camera UI is the same as previous models. In the video, you can quickly see that Samsung has topped off zoom a 50x, but the result isn’t as good as expected. You can see some blurriness at full zoom. In terms of video making features, the Ultra model supports 8k video just like the Galaxy S20 series with options for 24, 30, and 60fps. There are also pro video features including a histogram and some fine-tuned audio controls while shooting a video.

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