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How to setup Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and S9

Samsung provide bunch of options with almost every feature you can find in the interface. The setup process isn’t complex at all but for new user of Samsung smart phone, this can be a little bit confusing. So we a detailed tutorial on how to setup your Galaxy Note or Galaxy S9.

You can start by selecting “Language” of your choice. Go to Settings > Language > input > Tap the language and then select the language you want to use for your smartphone. Samsung phones are manufactured with a selection of languages according to the locale in which they were made to be sold.

You can select wi-fi or mobile data from Settings > Connections > Wireless. For Wi-FI just let it search all the available networks. Tap on the name of your connection, enter password (if any) and tap on connect. It will take few seconds to get your phone connected if the password provided is correct.

Check for updates. Go to settings > System > updates. It will run the update check, let you know if there are any. Download, install those update and restart your phone. Enter your Google Account email and password to use Google PlayStore and Google Apps like Gmail, Google Drive already being shipped with your Galaxy Note 9 or S9.

Setup security method. Choose from fingerprint, PIN or pattern as your preference. Fingerprint is usually prefer by many but do set up a backup method like PIN or password as well. Install any apps from Google Store you like to have on your smartphone. For me, Instagram is a must. Signup for a Samsung account as well. It will be used to download any future app updates from Galaxy Apps. You can install any free or paid app you would like from Play store or Samsung Galaxy Cloud. How you configure and style themes, apps, home screen from here is according to your personal preference.

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