Galaxy Note 9

How to fix Galaxy Note 9 common problems?

Year 2018 has been immense for the Technology fans, and war been between smartphone manufacturers has reached to entirely different level. Samsung released two its flagship phones this year – Galaxy S9 and Galaxy Note 9. The stunning Note 9 has all the limelight it deserve. It is truly one of the best mobile phones, Samsung has ever come with. But, like every device – it is not perfect. These are common issues that can easily be solved. Let’s find out what are those common problems and their solutions are:

How to solve unresponsive navigation?

Few users have reported that the software-based navigation is hard to work around. Some time it get stuck and become un-responsive. They have to tap more like 10, 15 times to get it work again. Some users are restarting their phones whenever it get unresponsive. But this is workout, not a solution. The culprit behind this problem is suggested Samsung Pay’s latest update.

To solve this issue do following:

  1. Since the problem is linked to Samsung Pay, setting up Samsung Pay would solve this problem. Apparently, some invisible forms from Samsung Pay pop up and block the way, that’s what make the user think that navigation has gone unresponsive.
  2. Change the theme through the Samsung Theme app.

How to solve Camera related problems

Some users have claimed that their camera freezes for few seconds while taking photos or making videos. Do any of these to solve this:

  1. Make sure your camera isn’t hot. Give it some rest if you have been using it for a long time.
  2. Clear the cache
  3. Changed the microSD card
  4. Restart the phone

These are the best workaround so far, you can do. Samsung team is aware of this problem and working on the root cause of this issue. They have stated on official Samsung Forum that Samsung is working around to find the best solution for this. Let’s hope they find the solution in near future so we can have a great photography experience, we all expect from Samsung Phones.

How to volume up the Notifications in Note 9

It seem to be an interesting problem for some users. They don’t like the quite notifications. It seems that while the earpiece is used for music and video, only the bottom speaker is used for notifications and ringtones. To solve this problem, you need to install any volume booster app from app store. There is no hardware workaround for this issue so far.

How to fix un-responsive S-Pen

If you are having hard time to use S-Pen, it could be your phone casing. Most cases use magnets to keep the phone case close but for some weird reason this magnet seem to interact with the S-pen functionality. So, if you are facing any problem to register S-Pen with any part of the screen, it’s better to remove the case and try again.

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