Galaxy Note 9

Here is what you can do with Galaxy Note 9 S-Pen

Galaxy Note 9 is one of the best smartphone Samsung has manufactured. It has stunning display, a powerful processor, a massive battery that last for day, a camera that beats iPhone X’s camera in not so perfect conditions and S-Pen. It has similar display as its predecessor as both looks almost same but Galaxy Note 9 has so much to offer than any Note smart phone before.

The S-Pen which is a highlight of Note series is now yellow. It even writes in Yellow. It comes with Bluetooth connectivity and gives stylus a complete makeover. With Bluetooth, the S-Pen can now act like a remote. If you are new to S-Pen or want to know more about it, before making any purchase decision, we have all the information for you.

S-Pen works like a remote

Thanks to Bluetooth enabled S-Pen, now you can use your Galaxy Note 9 from a distance of up to 30 feet. Bluetooth support means you don’t have to keep your phone in your hands to tap every slide. You can do it remotely for apps that support the stylus Bluetooth functionality like Camera, Gallery, Voice recorder, Media Chrome and PowerPoint. Samsung has released the open SDK for developers to create more apps using this functionality. You can take advantage of these at fullest if you change some settings.  


Most of the people love taking pictures in wide angle. Now you don’t have to find someone good with photography to take your picture. Just place your Galaxy Note 9 from where you want to take a picture of yourself, or group photo, and tap the button on the S-Pen to capture the photograph. Now, no one will be missed from photo. Everyone can be in the picture at the same time, while click is being done by S-Pen.

galaxy note 9


Easy navigation of media

If you are listening to your favorite playlist, you can tap the button to pause or continue playing or double tap to switch the track. The same can be done if you are watching a video on YouTube or Netflix or any streaming website for that matter.


With Galaxy Note 9 PowerPoint presentations are easier than ever. You can tap the button to switch to the next slide when giving a presentation in your office or lab. There is really no need to carry a heave laptop in your office for presentation sake only. Now you can carry your laptop in your packet.

Air view and Air command

Air view is basically a quick look that pops uf if you hover the stylus on something. You can use it to have a quick preview of photos in a folder without actually having to open the folder. These two features aren’t new to Note users. Air command is an array of apps that fan out once you remove the S-Pen while display is on. You can select up to 10 apps for quick access and you can view these by rotating the wheel. You can choose the apps by going to Settings > Advanced Features > S-Pen > Shortcuts.

The Charging

The S-Pen uses a super capacitor to get its super-fast charging ability. You can keep the stylus detached for about 30 minutes before it drains out. To recharge it to 100%, simply put the S-Pen back in the Galaxy Note 9 for four seconds and you are done. With Bluetooth, the S-Pen is so much more than before. In the near future, we may have more apps supporting S-Pen making it more useful and amazing.

So, with all this information, do you still want to buy any other smartphone? I don’t think so. Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has everything you can ever wish for, at this price. It is even available at discount at Ebay now.

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