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Galaxy S10 Android 10 beta is not letting people access their phones

If you are curious about the latest Android 10 beta, you need to slow down for a bit. According to an Indian tech blog, the Android 10 One UI 2.0 beta has a critical bug. After the update, you may not be able to access your phone unless you restart your device. According to the news, the operating system is locking people out by refusing their PIN, password, or pattern, with the issue being resolved after a restart. As the bug is causing the device to reject all kinds of passwords while tagging these as incorrect, there is no one you can reset your patters/password/pin afterward.

If you have enabled the remote unlock feature on your phone, you can use Samsung’s find my mobile service to delete all biometric passwords including fingerprint and facial maps, but again, you won’t be able to reset the passwords due to the bug. The only solution here is to factory reset and going back to Android Pie via Samsung Smart Switch. But this option has a side effect. It will delete all the data and files on your mobile phone.

Your phone may or may not be infected by this bug, so to be on safe side, if you are using the Android 10 beta on a Galaxy S10 or Galaxy Note 10, it is recommended that you change your lock screen security method to swipe or none from the settings > lock screen menu until Samsung releases a new beta update or a fix for the problem. You should also enable Remote unlock from the Samsung > Biometrics > Security > Find my Mobile menu on your phone so you can access Find My Mobile option in case you run in any problem in the future. We don’t know how this problem will be solved shortly but hopefully, it will be resolved very soon.

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