Galaxy Note 9

Galaxy Note 9 is a smart phone with absolutely every feature

August is ending at a good note for Samsung. Galaxy Note 9 is making quite a stir in the market due to its enormous (6.4inch) screen. It has a huge battery (4000mAh), IT has up to 1TB of storage (128GB is the default storage, but a 512GB model is available and you can add a 512GB microSD card to add terabyte). Stylus has some new features from S-Pen users. This may sound like an interesting combination but if you take away the S-Pen from Galaxy Note 9, the uniqueness will fall sharply, with many alternative smartphone making an appearance.

Note 9 definitely has everything to attract business users. Samsung has provided it with blue-tooth enabled S-pen to use PowerPoint slides even at distance. You may fall for its edge-to-edge, huge battery, but it is more than just a phone. Samsung wants you to use it as a complete computing solution for your day to day business needs. It has support for the increasingly slick DeX dock that extends the screen to a PC monitor and gives it mouse support. It’s a fully maxed out mobile PC. With 1TGB storage, and all design features, you can carry it as tablet or laptop in meetings, seminars, or even class room where you have to take notes.

A professional tool

Samsung is ready to sell its beasty flagship smart phone at $1000. One can buy a decent laptop at this price, and Samsung knows it, but also knows its customers. Company went out for such high-tech features because they know it will make all the difference when people want to upgrade their Note.

S-Pen is great for business users. It uses Bluetooth technology and has effective range of about 10m. That means you can switch to next presentation slide or change playing song even at a distance. To charge the S-Pen, a tiny super capacitor is installed. Super capacitors are usually used for discharging relatively high power in a rapid burst, and Samsung is utilizing super capacitor’s inherent ability to do it the other way around – it can fully charge S-Pen in a mere 40 seconds. Just slide S-Pen back into the Note 9 and charging starts. Samsung has an SDK out for developers to make use of the stylus (‘S-Pen’), so we may see some interesting ideas.

What about computing Power?

Indeed, Galaxy Note 9 is a demanding device, the CPU is 33% faster than its predecessor and its GPU is 23% quicker. US variant of Note 9 is powered by Snapdragon 845 while the other variant for the rest of the world is using Samsung’s Exynos 9810. There is not much difference in computing power and both offer virtually identical power. It’s also IP68 water- and dust-proof. The display runs at 2960×1440 res and an extremely high 516 pixels per inch.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is a complete powerhouse in your pocket. It isn’t for everyone and is overkill for most, but if you’re the sort that like a huge screen, monitor docking and the versatility of the stylus then this one will surely appeal you, especially if you can find some deals for it on eBay.

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