Galaxy Note 9

Galaxy Note 9 beats iPhone in 9 ways

Samsung has managed to raise bars with its new flagship smartphone Galaxy Note 9, putting some serious pressure on Apple to come up with significant updates with the next release. Surprisingly, Galaxy Note 9 beats iPhone in some categories. Let’s find out some great features Galaxy Note 9 has to offer that are better than iPhone X.


iPhone X has 2716mAh battery whereas Samsung has 4,000mAh battery inside the Note 9. Samsung has crammed such a huge battery in a smart phone that is slightly thicker than the iPhone X (8.8mm compared to 7.7mm for the iPhone X)

Storage & Memory

Apple offers the iPhone X in two storage configurations – 64GB and 256GB. The Galaxy Note 9 has doubled the storage with 128GB and 512GB configurations. 512GB is enough to store about 2,300 movies or some 93,000 photos. If you are still not happy with the storage capacity, Note 9 has the option for expandable storage with microSD card. The iPhone X comes with only 3GB RAM. The note 9 has options in RAM configurations – 6GB with 128GB storage and 8GB RAM with 512GB model. That will ensure a rapidly faster user experiences and reduced lag while switching between apps.

Storage is expandable

While Samsung provides a huge 512GB storage option with Galaxy Note 9. You can increase it up to a whopping 1 Tera Byte of storage with microSD Card although you may not require it.


Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is an expensive smartphone anyone can have. But if you are paying the price, you deserve the best hardware and performance. Samsung offers 128GB in Note 9 at the same price Apple is offering 64GB iPhone X. Galaxy Note 9 is already available at discount at eBay. It is an international smartphone, so read specifications carefully before making any purchase decision.


iPhone X is not dual sim, whereas Galaxy Note 9 is. So, if you are someone who likes to keep two different sims for professional and personal usage perhaps, this is your phone.


People may argue that iPhone X has the best camera, but wait, Samsung has way better Camera hardware and software for Note 9. The iPhone X is loved for its camera, but its only great in optimal conditions. Night shooting is mediocre, terrible at worst.

Galaxy Note 9


The S-Pen isn’t new in Note series, but the updated version has whole new set of features for its users. It is Bluetooth enabled and works like a remote control for the apps that support this Bluetooth functionality like camera app, Gallery and Power point. Samsung is determined to launch more apps that would support this Bluetooth functionality. So we can expect many new exciting apps to work on our click even when we are 30m away from our phone, thanks to S-Pen.

Desktop usage

You can use your Galaxy Note 9 as Desktop, if you want, with the help of Samsung’s DeX platform. It allows users to transform their Galaxy device into a desktop system. It definitely appeals a certain type of users  – tech savvy business men or professionals. And it is something that Apple doesn’t have.

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