Galaxy M41 Launched With High Battery Capacity Of 6800mah

Galaxy M41 is entirely different from its M series, and this mobile phone certification gets cleared by the last month. Hence it reaches a high level of the sale in the market out the people. People can view new certifications over the internet and submit the points directly to the Samsung M41.  This new M41 series devices have a massive battery capacity of the 6800mAH, which is much larger than others.  Even you can find out a picture of a large battery from the online site. Recently, this company announced the price of the device to sell between RS 15000 to 20,999 in India. 

 This device designed to solve the OLED panel problem, and the mobile panel is going to create by third-party firms. As a result, it will be a great plus and get a better look at long term usage also. Though the screen of the device is too large and it wishes to increase the resolution up to 1080 x2340 pixels. This Galaxy M41 has 24MP primary camera and developed with the 64MP rear camera. Apart from that, it has digital Zoom and auto flash and touches to focus features.  Apart from that, it has several upgrade connectivity features like Bluetooth, volte, WiFi, and much more.  Still is not yet precisely release the color option, but it is expected to lunch in the   Black color. This Galaxy M41 runs with the Samsung Exynos  octa 9609 chipset, which must run faster than other software.   This new model brand phone rules every corner part of the world.

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