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Google launches an update of Android OS – Android Q

Android is reaching version 10 and operating on over 2.5 billion devices. A lot has changed since its invention when smartphones were just an idea. Now, they have integrated into our daily lives – helping us to be in touch with our loved ones. Smartphones are way more than just a communication device and this all happened because of Android.

Android 10 or Q focuses on three key areas: Innovation, Security and digital wellbeing. With over 180 smartphone manufacturers, Android is the major player of new smartphones. With hardware getting into foldable devices, first OLED display, edge-to-edge glass, the software has to bear more responsibility.

Android Q is the first OS to support 5G connectivity. It offers app developers tools to build for faster and enhanced user experience for games and augmented reality. The OS is driven by on-device machine learning. One of these features is Live caption which is adapted for people with hearing problems. There are over 466 million deaf people in this world, and we need to listen to their needs as well. This would improve the content’s accessibility across the world. With a single tap, the live caption will automatically caption the media in view. Live caption works with videos, podcasts, audio, or even the video without caption file. The caption will appear as soon as the speech is detected.

On-device machine learning also powers Smart reply – a built-in notification system in Android allowing any messaging app to suggest replies. It will intelligently predict your next action. For example, if someone sends you an address string, tap on it, and OS will redirect you to Google Map.

Android has the most advanced widely-deployed security which scans over 50 billion apps every day to make sure that every app being uploaded on Google Play is safe to download and use.  With Android Q, Google has added almost 50 new features to secure its users. There is a dedicated privacy section under settings option where you will find many important controls in one place. Now you have more control over the location data you shared with multiple apps. You will also get a notification when an app uses your location in the background. Android Q also provides protections for other sensitive device information.

Android Q brings many new features to your smartphone from a new gesture-based navigation to putting-off all of distracting apps to silent mode. .You can find some of these in beta version already. Beta is available for immediate download for 21 devices including Pixel phones.

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