About Galaxy Buds Live Launch In Exclusive Bright Red Color

Samsung has announced the Galaxy Buds Live, and it is already expanding the number of color options available to consumers. In its home country, at least, as South Korean wireless carrier KT is today announced a bright red variant of the earbuds. KT has introduced the red version of the Galaxy Buds Live. It was introduced in response to local consumer demand, suggesting this extra color was not planned for release in advance. KT has previously introduced a Mystic Red variant of the Galaxy Note 20 5G, another exclusive for its customers for now. The Galaxy Buds Live is originally launched in Mystic Bronze, Mystic White, and Mystic Black.

Galaxy Buds Live model launches globally

  • Samsung has gone with a unique kidney bean-shaped design for the Galaxy Buds Live. It has designed them to look more like a fashion accessory while also being very comfortable to wear for extended use. To achieve this design, it had to layout the internal components horizontally.
  • The new Galaxy Buds Live model is pretty much identical to the red Galaxy Buds+ variant Samsung released in South Korea half a year ago. Not only has that model is creating its way to other Far Eastern countries, but it even eventually hit the United States. 
  • So, there is a chance for this new Galaxy Buds Live version to launch in the West, as well. The Galaxy Buds Live has been an instant hit in South Korea, together with the Galaxy Watch 3 series. 
  • Samsung’s third take on wireless earphones also offers unprecedented repair ability due to a remarkably clever design, as well as active noise cancellation, Bluetooth 5.0, 8-hour battery, and quick charging support. Overall, it is seeming to be a pretty good long-term investment.
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